Spiritual Resources

Spiritual resources aids, supports, and encourages us to remember that we are spiritual beings....having human experiences.  There's so much to see here so take your time and look around. 

Bible Verse of the Day


Your daily Bible verse and Bible Study tools that help you read, study, and teach the Bible.  Click here.

Fun Kids Bible Study


The Beginner's Bible will help you teach children about the Bible in a fun way.  You can even print handouts that can be used in Sunday School lessons.  Click here.



Sometimes there's a real temptation to focus on what is wrong in a marriage.  These prayers will help you focus on the God who is able to bring you hope and healing.  Click here.



Want to be a better parent?  Use these parenting tips to teach your child how to have better manners, habits, and behaviors and more...  Click here.

Get Healthy; Stay Healthy


Looking for health information?  Use this site for your source of reliable, practical, and actionable health information.  Click here.



This will help you with the proper way of offering heartfelt condolences for a person who is suffering sorrow, misfortune, or grief for their loss.  Click here.